Heat Stroke in Older Rooster, Complications...

By Ryudai · Aug 18, 2018 ·
  1. Ryudai
    I have an older blind rooster I've been caring for for about ten years in Hawaii. I recently spent the night at a friends house and came back at about 9:30 in the morning to find my rooster, who lives outside, in the sun. I figure he may have been in the sun for about two hours. Even though it's morning, this summer has been very hot and humid.

    I've seen my rooster panting and wings stretched out before and immediately put him in the shade with water and he's been fine. This time however, I fear it was just too long. I brought him in the shade as I usually do and tried giving him water, and his comb and waddle were (and still are) dark purple, but it didn't seem like enough, so I brought him inside and started the AC. I had hoped this would help him but he seemed to just get lethargic and laid down. I also noticed his crop was not reducing over time, but fluid was (and still seems to be a little) coming from his beak.

    Thinking he might have a crop issue, I tried to make him regurgitate, but he may have aspirated, as his breathing was difficult and gurgled. I spent the night with him checking on him every time he coughed/sneezed. Reading electrolytes might be necessary, I made a sugar and salt water solution and gave it to him via syringe and tube.

    Early in the morning he started to pant again so I brought a fan to blow on him, which seemed to help. I also put some cold water on a towel and put it around his back and between his wings.

    At this point, his crop is still full, comb and waddle are still dark purple, still lethargic, not very responsive, but seems to be breathing normally. I don't know what to do. He can't even stand now.

    We recently went through a sour crop incident a couple.months ago that took him about 4 weeks to recover from and he had lost a lot of weight. Up 'till now I have been trying to get him to gain some. We made it through that so having this ordeal now is so difficult.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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