Heated Nipple Waterer

By pdklein88 · Jan 6, 2013 · ·
  1. pdklein88
    This design uses a plastic, insulated drink cooler with spigot removed. There is then a valve attached to PVC pipe and fittings, where the nipples are then attached.

    Finished Product:

    Ball valve to shut off water:

    Electric fish tank heater, 50 watt, good for up to 15 gallons of water. Auto temperature control, 78 degrees.

    Installed nipple, screw-in style with silicone caulk around the base:

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  1. Sally Sunshine
    I like it as well, but afraid those pipes are the first to freeze, this is why we dont use nipple waterers : ( however if the nipples were attached to the bottom of the heated jug it may work for us. but a cooler is thick.
  2. pdklein88
    Thanks for the comments! So far, it has not frozen. However, the weather has been relatively warm lately. I'm hoping the high temperature of the water in the tank (78) will transfer heat to the pipe. Time will tell... I'll keep you posted!

    On another note, anyone know how to get this put into the Feeder category? Right now it's just under the Coop Designs.
  3. canesisters
    Looks very clean and simple. I like it! Have you had any problems with freezing in the pipe with the nipples in it?
  4. emarketwiz
    Good design! Please keep us updated on how it works this winter.

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