Heaters for your animals without killing your pocket...

By pitbullmurphy · Feb 10, 2014 · Updated Feb 10, 2014 ·
  1. pitbullmurphy
    So, I have been looking for a way to heat (house, greenhouse, barn, etc.) without having a major investment upfront and saving money in the long run, such as a Heatmaster. Because lets face it, I'm not going to see those "Savings" due to normal "Unforseen Circumstances" that tend to come at the greatest times if you know what I mean. Also, I have been looking at trying to lower the cost of other heating methods such as electric or propane heating with still getting the best overall for your dollar.*DRUM ROLL PLEASE*Thanks to someone at work who brought to my attention a "Rocket Mass Heater" I have found my answer! Eureka! Another project to add to the list.At first, my response was the "Huh What Huh?", but then I started doing research on the internet and I was amazed how awesome this set up is. I must admit, that I got lost in the internet due to so many ways that you can customize and personalize your own Rocket Mass Heater that it was overwhelming, but after further speaking with this person I believe I have the basic idea.Needless to say my husband and father-in-law are thrilled since they are usually the ones doing the projects.(It's called free labor, but labor of love. Right?)All joking aside, we are really excited about this project because we can see all the Pros and savings that it will potentially have without a major money crunch upfront.

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