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Heather112588s Member Page

  1. heather112588
    I wanted to go into chickens to be more self succifent; only wanted 3 chickens to start.
    My up to date chicken math:
    Started with 5 RIR chicks - 2 butchered RIR roos - 1 hen who got sick & died + 3 BR hens - 2 hens from fox attack - 1 BR hen butchered (she went broody) + 2 OE roos from craigslist (was told they were hens) + 1 BR hen (i rescued her) - 2 OE roos + 7 mixed JG hens - 1 JG hen (died of heat) - 1 BR hen from dog attack+ 3 BO hens= 11

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