Our Coop
We went with a Garden Coop design with the exception of cutting it down to size. We were very pleased with the ease of assembling.

My husband made several modifications to make it our own. We stained pine for the frame and painted the hen house. There is a hole cut in the bottom of the hen house and a ladder coming down from underneath. The girls only took two nights to learn how to use it. It is so adorable to see them go up and down.

We have hardware cloth going in the ground about 8 inches or so. We have not had any predators attempt to access the coop at all. If you don't count my Miniature Schnauzer. He lives to get the chickens.

We have to build the nesting boxes yet but they are not laying so we have a few weeks. One thing I love about the design is the hardware cloth on the top of the hen house. It allows for ventilation and in Florida that box could become like an oven. It stays very cool.

We have an egg door right on the front and made it in the shape of an arch. It is so cute. My husband made cute little moon and star cutouts so they have more ventilation but mostly so I can peep in on them. I love to spy on the girls.
We get very hot late afternoon sun, so we put a bamboo shade on the side and lower it every afternoon.

I think it is very cute and I love how artsy it looks. It was very affordable I think we spent about $400.00 to $475.00. I don't have the exact figures.

I look out my bedroom window every morning and they watch me open the blinds and wait to be let out. They run up on our patio outside our bedroom and spy on us. They are so personable.

The color of the stain is just a natural cedar Behr.
The color of the hen house is Lowes Tahiti Blue I think it is Olympic.

Stained and ready

Stacked and stained



frame on foundation


Roof on


Another Angle

Happy girls

Looking up

Egg Door below

From the street