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  1. HelloChicken
    My first day on BYC!

    What pushed me to actually join was my poor Polish Rooster.
    He has recently been attacked by a dog, no blood or anything broken,but he's dizzy and seems weak.

    For the past 2 days I've been feeding him and helping him drink water. I have to actually dip his beak into the water and food for him to drink and eat. But I'm so happy that he's willing to eat! I could'nt stop smiling when he started to munch down on his corn!
    He seems to have regained some strength but still cant focus on food. When he tries to peck at a peice of bread or cracked corn he pecks to the left of it about 3 inches. Still not sure what's wrong with him... I hope he'll make it

    :Things I've been told that will help him:
    Give him a hard boiled egg or apple sause.
    Some oatmeal with a little sugar.
    Put some sugar in his water that will give him some energy.

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