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By Amanda2765 · May 12, 2019 · ·
  1. Amanda2765
    Hey everyone, I need help on a chick question. I bought 6 silkie chicks that were born on April 12th. I then was going to add 2 more naked neck from a different breeder one week later. Well she “lost” one of the chicks and gave me one 4 weeks older and one a few days old. So the older one was born March 23. So I have 3 different aged chicks 1 born March 23rd, 6 April 12th, 1 born April 20th. Sorry for the long story but the older one is an a**hole. It jumps around on the smaller ones all the time and pecks at them. I have 3 older silkies (6 months old females) outside in a coop. Would it be bad of I stuck it out there earlier than the other ones? I live in Wisconsin where it still gets to 30 degrees at night. Or what should I do??? They all are still inside under a heat lamp. (Except obviously the 3 adult hens in the outdoor coop)

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