1. emmakate
    my sister found 2 abandoned robin eggs in the middle of the road earlier today. one was missing half the shell and was obviously dead. you could see the fetus and it looked halfway developed. the other was perfectly fine and warm. she took them to me because i have a heat lamp. i wrapped it in a dry washcloth and put it in a plastic bowl a little over a foot away from the heat lamp. i turned it about every 40 minutes. when i checked on it, some brown, thick goo had oozed out slightly. i wiped it up and put some candle wax on it to seal the crack. it was a super tiny crack. i hope that doesn’t mean it died because it looked like the same fluid that the other fetus was surrounded by. i really want this to work out and raise it until it can fend for itself. any tips or advice would be super helpful.

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