Help! I adopted this 3 month old baby chick

By Mollymolly3391 · May 15, 2019 · ·
  1. Mollymolly3391
    i adopted this 3 month old baby chick, i bought a baby silkie and saw a sad looking chick in the corner, i asked the owner how much for him and he gave him to me for free, since he cant walk. Im 90% sure hes got spraddled legs, hes very weak from his legs, his right one even bends kinda forward and to the right side. His toes are a bit curdled and his legs tremble a bit sometimes. Im wondering what can be done, i tried the trick used in baby chicks by putting a bandage to keep his legs together but it made no difference and hurts him. Im wondering if maybe making a little wheelchair for him will help him get his balance or strengthen his legs and help him to walk someday

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