Help My Chickens Was Breathing Weird Is It Normal

By fluffy104 · Apr 18, 2012 · Updated Apr 18, 2012 · ·
  1. fluffy104
    One of my Rhode Island Reds were breathing really weird. It is spring and it was 23 degrees out. She's a pretty big girl. He neck was going in and out, in and out ect. her tongue was going up and down and she was breathing heavily.. it was starting to scare me!! [​IMG] is it normal for a chicken to do this?? It was obvious that she was hot because she keep on opening her wings to cool her self. I was scared that she was going to have a heart attack.. but I just left her. Is it normal?[​IMG]

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  1. willowbranchfarm
    She's probably just panting. Just like they open there wings to cool off they also pant. I hope this helps.

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