Help!!! So worried

  1. alexthefarmlady
    so today I bring me chickens out like normal and I notice my hen. And she has a swollen face And her rooster kinda has A swollen face I’m Very worried please anything you know please let me know
    0382ADAE-550E-4BA6-A529-5CBBDDAD865F.jpeg A0131688-3621-41F8-B05A-45DD152F2F92.jpeg F12F84F6-557C-49E7-BAC2-F628925547F3.jpeg BAE48B57-4DB2-44E1-AC66-8906B6AB766F.jpeg CB5A76CA-7407-4E3C-9647-09FE45975C1D.jpeg

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  1. Corys chickens
    Time to keep them separate clean them and try meds and vitamins
  2. casportpony

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