Help with chicken issue!

  1. Peaches de Rock
    i have had a healty flock now for around 5 months. I got 7 as chicks and 3 ended up being roosters. I recently went to a feed store in Kennedale, TX who will take roosters in and trade (along with other monies) for hens. I think that 1 of the hens might be sick. she does not lay, and she does not get up and walk around, infact neither of the new hens will come out of the hen house! The original flock seems to pick on them. Now the hens that does not move around much has 1 eye that is stuck shut. i am afraid i dont know much about whether she is being pecked that caused the damage, or if she is sick?
    any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. Brookliner
    Did you quarentine the new hens?

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