1. Duck and chicken lover
    i just found a mice nest behind my stove. I looked because I heard squeaking and I found one dead one and the other five are alive and are all cuddled up in there nest, I know I shouldn’t have but I touched one and it was cold. I don’t know if the nest is abandoned or not but my dad said he saw my cat stalking a mouse in the kitchen recently. So my cat could have killed the mother but I am not sure, I put some food by nest to try and lure the mother back if she is still alive because I might have scared her off. I will wait a few hours and check on them again. I just don’t know how to tell if the nest is abandoned. Any advice?

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  1. casportpony
    You should get rid of them ASAP!
  2. FT Chickens
    Ya. Get rid of the nest and mice
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  3. Texas Kiki
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