Hen or Rooster?

  1. BackyardFlock17
    There are some easy ways to tell if your chickens is a rooster. One is that he will crow. The next is by plumage. The final way is by combs, waddles and earlobes.

    One easy way to tell is crowing. Crowing is the word for the cock-a-doodle-doo sounds a rooster makes. Most roosters start crowing at about 2 months of age. Some, like mine, start or started later. It can get pretty anoying, but you'll get used tso it all in good time.

    Another good way to tell a hen from a rooster is plumage. Most large roosters have shiny plumage, especially on their necks. The feathers on their necks tend to be longer than hens'. Roosters also tend to have one or two long tail feathers draping over their tail. Most of their tail feathers are very shiny.

    The last way I will be sharing s by looking at the chicken's comb, earlobes and waddles. Roosters' tend to be longer and bigger than hens. Their combs get very big. People often mistake young hens for young roosters because they may have bigger combs or wattles or both.

    Do you have any ways to tell hens from roosters? Have you had any roosters? Have fun hangin' with your chickens.

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