Henry And The Girls

By 2StrayRoos · Feb 19, 2012 ·
  1. 2StrayRoos
    Describe 'Henry and the Girls' here Henry is my stray Lakenvelder rooster who showed up one morning after a storm. We found out later that he lived just two doors down but would not stay in the coop.He free-ranges all day and sleeps on our deck on some perches we made for him. He has a house but will only go in it in bad and I mean bad weather. He must have coophobia. The girls are my six EE's I got from MPC. I got them one week before my daddy died of cancer. He saw pictures of them but didn't get to see them in real life. It's so funny because he raised day olds when he was a boy scout, so he would tell me the things I had to do. I know he would be so proud if he could see them now and all the pretty green, olive, and pink eggs I'm getting. I also have a Nankin looks like a Nankin, that I got from one of my co-workers. She is the sweetest thing. I ordered six d'Anvers and three EE bantams to keep her company. The big girls bullied her so she now has her own pen. So Henry keeps an watchful eye on all the girls. He's a good boy.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  1. texasgurl
    Well, what a gentleman! : )

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