Here's my effort ... just winged it!

By perrypogue · Nov 3, 2015 · ·
  1. perrypogue

    I built this in two weeks .... just winged it but I'm very happy with it and my ladies are producing very well.

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  1. KikiM
    Looks really nice!, I would to see the interior as well. :)
  2. perrypogue
    Thanks, I'm a little amazed that I find something I want to change every day ... but I seem to. Just yesterday I added 19 new chicks. They're partitioned off from the rest and I'll be very happy when I can integrate the flock and remove the partition. When I get the opportunity (friend w camera) I'll get pics of the interior. Thank you!
  3. owlflights
    This looks nice! I would love to see your interior setup.

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