Hickory North Carolina Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens AllowedNo restrictions
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredNo
Coop RestrictionsOnly ordinance is the cleanliness of the pen and disposing of manure
City/Organization Contact nameCity of Hickory, NC 76 N. Center Street Hickory,NC 28601 Telephone Number: 828-323-7400
Additional Information*Roosters would violate the \'noise\' restriction, but otherwise the ordinances do NOT explicitly deny roosters. The ordinances are more concerned with cleanliness, disposing of manure waste, fly control, free-ranging (running at large is prohibited), and noise as a public nuisance. Chapter 4 ANIMALS AND FOWL Sec. 4-32. Maintenance of pens, coops, etc., where fowl are kept - must maintain sanity coops , must practice fly control measures and must dispose of fowl manure in air tight containers. Sec. 4-34. Location of stables, lots, pens, etc., near residences - set back rule is coops must be 50 feet from any other residents personal dwelling. Sec. 4-35. Fowl running at large. No person within the city shall permit chickens, guineas, turkeys, geese, ducks, pigeons, or other domesticated fowl to run at large. Sec. 4-22. Public nuisance. The keeping of any animal which by continued or repeated howling, yelping, barking or otherwise, causes loud noises which would disturb the quiet, comfort or repose of a reasonably prudent person. Chapter 13 GARBAGE, REFUSE AND WEEDS* Sec. 13-21. Services not provided; duty to dispose of items. (c) Manure from cow lots, horse stables, poultry yards, pigeon lofts and other animal or fowl pens, shall be removed and disposed of by the person controlling same in the manner permitted by law and in such a manner as to prevent the creation of a nuisance or endangerment to the health, safety or well-being of the public. Animal excreta from household pets will be collected provided it is wrapped and tightly sealed in moisture proof paper or other suitable container.
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