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High Country Chicken Lover :)

  1. highcountrybell
    Hello BYC :)
    I've always come to byc for questions and answers, and started thinking ...why haven't I signed up already?! So I'm a new egg to byc :) I love fowl of all types (any animal for that matter) & I love photography (my cell phone camera) and seeing great animal shots :) Thanks byc for always having the answers and great followers to help out!
    some of my older girls, I believe their some Maran mixs, they lay beautiful dark brown eggs
    male Pekin, I thought they were a male and female but Ive finally realized their 2 males
    These girls are 3 months old - Silver Laced Wyandotte, Speckled Sussex, Black Astrolop
    Speckled Sussex - these girls are sooooo sweet and friendly !!!
    my son and his favorite black astrolop
    our Easter born babies - Cayuga Ducks
    first swim 1 week old
    these are our newest babies
    this little girl was suppose to be an Ameracuana but she looks nothing like her sisters - cant wait to see what she is :)
    I think she thinks shes one of the ducks :)
    shes silly.
    blue silkie
    I was in amazement , never having seen a newborn silkie ... the teeny tinest little things.
    ....cant wait to see the Ameracuana egg shade

    the gunieas are fun to try and get pictures , just a lot of patience. lol.
    just a strange pic of one of the guinea hen in the shadows :)
    Male & Female Guinea

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    Why thank you! :)
  2. highcountrybell
    thanks @Mr MKK FARMS great pictures yourself:)
    Great pictures! Congratulations!
  4. highcountrybell
  5. roostersandhens
    Highcountrybell: You can go to someone's profile and under their avatar, you click "Follow Member"
  6. RandomChicken
    These are really fun. Take MORE.
  7. highcountrybell
    thanks you guys! so , next question: how does following people on here work? :)
  8. 273816
    Wow, these are all so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.
  9. roostersandhens
    Great pics, and congrats on pic of the week! You deserved it! :)
  10. highcountrybell
    ^^^^^^^ Awesome!!! Thank You BYC :D ^^^^^^^

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