High Desert Coop ReMix

By perchie.girl · Jul 18, 2013 · Updated Jan 23, 2015 · ·
  1. perchie.girl

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  1. perchie.girl
    OH bears are soo much more dangerous.... even a small one can rip open a car door if they want in. San diego area used to have them.... but they are extinct now.
  2. Searsmom
    Wow. And I thought we had bad predator problems. I would have no idea how to keep out mountain lions and bobcat. It would be like trying to protect them from a bear where I live.
  3. perchie.girl
    lol we will see. I have to find a crew to help me out.

  4. hosspak
    Holy Coop Rebuild Batman.... This coop design is amazing. I only wish I had that kind of room, energy, and time. Totally over the edge!!! Good job...
  5. perchie.girl
    LOL thanks I am filling a notebook of grid paper right now with concepts. But when it comes down to the actual build You have to follow your materials. Right now I am working with Aviary panels and dog kennel panels with the eventual addition of Cedar fence panels I salvaged out of a fence tear down.
  6. SavannahsBrood
    That's what I like to see, someone else who draws everything out. I will make 15 plans for one build. Looks like it will be easy to add on to or change layout if you need later on.
  7. WhiteMountainsRanch
    Looks great Deb! Hope to see updated pics!!! =D
  8. ejb3810
    Looks like you have put some good thought into this. The more owner friendly it can be built the better. A lot of convenience and efficiency is important in the design process.
  9. perchie.girl
  10. Whittni
    Looks good.
  11. perchie.girl
    Hardware cloth is your friend. Anywhere a chicken can come close to chainlink or dog kennel panels shoudl be lined with Hardware cloth.I happen to have 300 linear feet of Aviary panels left over from when I raised finches. Those are going on any outward walls. they are 12 gauge wire with .5 x 3 inch square openings. Anything that goes through will be edible.
  12. desertegg
    I live in Reno, NV and am having predator problems too. I'm just so sad and frustrated. Probably a raccoon got one adult, then three babies. Pulled them right through the wire. Yesterday I watched a cooper's hawk fly right through the yard. I don't want to give up on letting them free range, though. It's so fun to watch them work.

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