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    Greetings BYC folks from High Roost Ranch in Waconia, Minnesota. Above is just a few photos of our critters.

    Certified Minnesota Board of Animal Health Poultry Testing Agent. Happily serving the SW Twin City Metro area poultry hobby. Testing agent for AI, PT and Mycoplasma (turkeys).

    A little about us... we are a mother-daughter team. We show ABA/APA & 4-H shows in Florida, the SE USA and as far north as Ohio when we can make the Ohio Nationals.
    We breed/keep the following:

    • Peafowl-silver pied, black shoulder & india blue.
    • Call Ducks-white, grey, blue fawn. My whites are direct Art Lundgren.
    • Brahmas-bantam buff, light and dark. The buffs are my champion line that I developed, the lights and darks are direct from Arbuckle & Rust.
    • Modern Game bantams-black, red pyle, splash & blue.
    • Malaysian Seramas in smooth & silkied feather.
    • Black Rosecombs-a superior trio direct from Lonnie McAfee.
    • Araucana bantams-tufted & rumpless, including some 2009 stock from Ann Charles.

      • Waterfowl-Brown Egyptian Geese.
    I also keep the following parrot species: Sun Conures, Umbrella cockatoo and Pacific Parrotlets. We also have an APHA mare and AKC Pomeranians.
    So that's who High Roost Ranch is... thanks for letting me share my love of poultry with BYC! And if you see a breed you'd like to inquire about, feel free to do so. I do ship and occasionally have hatching eggs and exhibition stock for sale.
    Be sure to check out our website at: www.HighRoostRanch.com if you want to see more specifics on our breeds.
    Thank you,
    Julie, Brian and Savannah

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  1. Yoda
    I would like to have the pair of baby peafowl I paid you for in full including shipping before the you moved in 2010 if that is possible or a refund?

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