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By fightingrooster · Feb 7, 2014 · Updated Feb 7, 2014 ·
  1. fightingrooster
    I got my chicken start when I got a kelso red rooster from the local farmers market. I bought him from a Mexican fellow who had previously fought him. He had a broken wing and a few cuts from when he was fought. I bought him for $25. at the time I thought it was kind of high but recently ive learned that he is pure bred and was well worth the money. I started out with him and a law grey game hen I got off a friend. they had 4 chicks in 2011 and 2 of them were killed by a possum( who was later caught and killed). I then moved the growing game chicken operation from my grandpas house to my house in 2012. As soon as I got them home I immedietly started raising chicks, I hatched 3/6 eggs and thought that was pretty good, but it was xtremely hot that summer and I ended up losing all 3 of my chicks and the hen due to intestinal parasites :( I did not give up though and my rooster was still alive and well, so I continued searching for another hen. I finally found 2 green legged hatch hens and decided to try to raise some green legged hatch/kelso red roosters. I successfully raised 2 out of the incubator early last year and 8 from the hen last summer. I sold the 8 at the farmers market and eventually sold 1 of the ones I raised. I kept one and he is a great rooster and is very healthy and athletic. I was planning a big year with raising some kelso/green legged hatchs but due to an accident that was not in the future. I was out feeding my flock which includes a law grey rooster, a law grey/ spangled hen, a black hen, and my kelso rooster. I heard some squacking from the woods behind my house that sounded like a dying chicken. I didn't pay attention at first because I thought it was my neighbors chickens, but when I got to the green legged hatch hens cage and noticed she wasn't in there, I started to wonder. I thought for a second as the squacking got louder and I decided to investigat, I ran inside and got my .22 semi automatic rifle. I ran about 100 yards into the woods before I caught sight of what was happening. it appeared that a possum had my hen by its leg and was slowly knawing on it. I raised up my gun and shot it 10 or 12 times in the back. I walked over to my hen and it was almost chewed in half and could not walk, so I put it out o her misery. I then gave my other green legged hatch hen to my friend who also raises chickens. I started breeding my kelso with the black hen I got. she has been producing eggs all winter and I am hatching them out in the incubator, you can follow my incubation diary on my thread in hatching and raising eggs, titled "incubation blog". you can also follow my game farm, and see what I have for sale, what im cross breeding, and other information about my website http://www.hilltopgamefarm.weebly.com/. you can also get on facebook and go to Hill Top Game Farm at www.facebook.com/pages/Hill-Top-Game-Farm. thanks for reading, Sincerely,- Hill Top Game Farm

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