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    My name is Shel.... I'm a Hippychick.... and I have a baby chicken... I didn't mean to get it, but it's here and we are trying to keep it happy and alive.

    I tried not to name it, so I told the kids it was just "the chicken"... well, we call it TC now. lol I guess we've had it almost 2 weeks... it's growing fast...
    It seems happy enough. I am learning it's calls and coos. We socialize it daily and today we had a breakthrough. TC was raising heck so I brought it out into the living room.... I usually cuddle it, holding it securely so it didn't fly away (the dogs really want to eat this little guy)... well, I moved a hand and it just sat on my arm, jumped around to my shoulder.... I must have had it out for a good 15 minutes and it never tried to fly away. I was amazed and thrilled. I know we will have to let it move to a bigger "cage" outside soon, it's quickly outgrowing the lil birdcage...
    well, I'll keep you posted...

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