Hobbit Hole Retreat

By Gardenchick22 · Sep 9, 2015 · ·
  1. Gardenchick22
    We purchased this coop from Wooden Wonders in Spring 2015 and couldn't be happier with the design and construction! It is easy to clean and very functional. Plus, we live in a suburban neighborhood and since our dogs occupy our fenced-in back yard, the chicken coop is located in the front yard in our 15' x 15' fenced-in vegetable garden. The chickens co-existed peacefully with our vegetable plants until we had to cover the fence with a pond net so the chickens wouldn't fly over. The carnage was immediate. The vengeful chickens ripped out every flower and vegetable within a day. Our fence is 4' high and we have to crouch to enter the coop area. Any suggestions as to how to cover the 15' x 15' garden area (other than draping pond netting on top)? We free range our chickens when we are home but would like them to be protected in a large, covered area when we are not. The enclosed run that came with the coop is too small to keep them in all day. We are loving the fresh eggs and enjoy the antics of our chickens!


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  1. CharMac76
    I always loved this style of coops. It's good to hear that they are as awesome as they look.
  2. KYTinpusher
    Your chickens would probably stay within the 4' fence if you removed any interim steps near the fence that help them get over it. However, if you have hawks or large dogs running loose in the area, you might want to keep the area covered to keep the hens safe while you are gone. Like Chipper Chicken said, you could prop up the netting to give yourselves more headroom.
  3. A HappyHenLover
    So cute! Love it.
  4. Chipper Chicken
    Couple things come to mind...put a soft object, like a tennis ball, on top of about an 8-10' pole ( sunk into ground, concrete, to prevent leaning) in the center of the net area to raise it up. Or a series of smaller poles with a ridge line, or something like a square gazebo frame would be nice, you could erect it right under the awning. You may not have enough room for the gazebo idea tho........love these coops! So sweet. ;~)

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