Holly's Hen House

By Fertich · Apr 28, 2012 · Updated Jun 30, 2013 · ·
  1. Fertich

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  1. lazy gardener
    Good plan for putting wire down under tractor when you're away. I'm in planning stages, and was thinking of using a lift up wire skirt with battery powered electric fence at edge of skirt. Not sure how I'll accomplish that, but it'll be a work in progress, I'm sure.
  2. OnTheWing
    Good job - is there wire underneath it? Just curious. I thought about a tractor, but with our sandy soil, it's very easy for critters to dig under... so we built a fixed coop and wired and concreted the sides.
  3. petermixdj
    I like it!
  4. 32bantam
    This is exactly what I had in mind. Awesome workmanship! Looks great!
  5. Stumpy
    Great little hen house! Thanks for sharing the close-ups of your wheel set-up.

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