Hello everybody,

my husband and I most recently retired form the military...moved back home, bought a small mini farm out in the country (57 acres) in Eastern Oregon. We've been living on our farm for the past two years...after completing a rather large koi pond, we're finally ready for some chickens, turkeys gees and some other small animals. I purchased a run of 13 chickens, 15 turkeys and 10 geese...the chickens are in a rabbit pen in the house cause it's still to cold in our part of the country, and they're still to young to be placed outside, we're in the midst of building a nice chicken coop and large enclosure for them.
Our turkeys and geese should arrive during the later part of May, and are a variety of Royal Palms, Standard Bronze and black Spanish, our geese are all white Embden, can't wait for there delivery.. we'll have 5 ganders the rest are females. We’ll sure to post pictures of our coop, during and the finished product.
We had several larger animals already, consisting of horses, cows and claves. Hopefully this year we’ll be able to purchase some smaller animals (sheep and coats). The following pages contain pictures of our animals, Koi pond and mini farm.
Happy trails from the mini farmers in Helix, Oregon



In December 2008, we moved closer to town and purchased a mini farm in Pendleton, Oregon, all our animals are happy and well on the new ranch. Here are a few pictures of our new home.