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By HOMEBODY12 · Jan 11, 2012 ·

    This is the beginning of our "chicken world",we purchased 15 hens and one rooster online in Feb 2011. Our "guard" dog got the rooster and 6 of the hens, these are some of the ones we have left. We have recently purchased 3 silkies, 4 polish and a pair of peacocks. The male being 1 yr old and the female 2 yrs old. It's going to get interesting around our house for a while. Any suggestions will be welcome.


    2011-08-03 This has not been a good week. One of my silkies and one of my polish hens have died. I can only assume it is due to heat, today was 107 in the shade. I have kept water for them but wasn't enough. So I decided to move peafowl into larger pen with more shade and room for more water and the female got away from me and ran for the woods. Since she has only been here less than a week, I am worried she will not come back. It's now dark and I have not been able to find her. Hope things start to get better. I do not like loosing fowl.

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