Homemade Chicken Brooder Designs & Pictures

Homemade chick brooders - Designs and pictures
By BYC Support · Jan 10, 2012 · Updated Jun 7, 2013 · ·

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  1. YaYa27889
    I ordered a pre-owned brooder pen from amazon and was thrilled when it arrived.It is a great size and came with an attached pvc pole for hanging the heat lamp on. Now the chicks are getting bigger and learning to fly so we had to get creative. We took an old window frame and covered it with chicken wire. Two pieces of 2x2 were placed on either end to make sure they could not knock it over.
  2. HappyPeepFarms
    We use a small pool similar to redturtle's brooder.
  3. mymilliefleur
    So many great brooders! I have an out door brooder sort of like @Barred Babies brooder, and love it. I need to submit some photos soon.
  4. JestaCowgirl
    How can I post my brooder pic
  5. Kris64
    I'm with all the others wondering where to post a DIY brooder picture for others to see.
  6. RogerTheChicken
    Where do we post brooder pics
  7. sasha weigt
    My brooder isn't homemade per say but I took and old pet store display case for puppies and added a heat lamp. .. works wonderful and they don't out grow it Before they go outside
  8. yoyoyouya
    i have an idea put it on your avatar
  9. penella22
    Would like to add my brooder to this gallery--not seeing how to do that. Advice? Help?
  10. crikescrikes
    Here's a video of my brooder:

  11. saltnprepper
    I want to post my brooder
  12. alessadry
  13. danib
  14. danib
    how can I post my rooder pic?
  15. SteamChick
    This was very helpful in helping us decide on a brooder for our new chicks we got last Friday! I turned an old wooden crate box into a brooder for 6 chicks, and a neighbor gave us a coop/brooder outdoor pen for when they get older! I have pics in my albums here.
  16. chic-a-deee
    I have a home made brooder for sale with feeders, waterers & heat lamp. In Australia, NSW, Wollongong. I dont know where to post a pic of it......Will sell it for $30.
  17. hampster1219
    We didn't have a garage or any good area to raise chicks at my parents house so we just used the bath tub! It had a small hole in it, so no one could use it anyways :) The tub had sliding doors too so didn't have to worry about the chicks hoping out. Oh and we got extra smart one year and lined the bottom of it with this plastic that's sticky on one side and supposed to be used on floors... and THEN we put down the bedding. Made clean up easier after it was time to move 'em outside.
  18. suncatcher
    Wow, so many great ideas!
  19. iceym pets
    how can i post my brooder pic?
  20. superchiken123
    i'm going to brood mine in a card board box
  21. lazarlin
    got an old bureax here dropdown destop for broodbox ,2under cupboards could be wired an also inside, & underdrawer for dropping tray! sorted for winter roost...hopefully now just need a handyman!
  22. AmyV6603
    My husband and I made a brooder out of a kitchen hutch we found at a local thrift store for $10. We repainted it and added some doors and chicken wire.... I'm just SO in love with it! I wish they stayed in the brooder longer!
    Hopefully I'll love the coop we plan to build off our shed just as much!
  23. charliechick
    I have a brooder but its a cardboard box and it has 2 sextions..one for sleeping and one for feeding and drinking.i have 2 chicks that are 1 1/2 weeks old and i have a 250 watt bulb thats a foot of the ground is that all good.............
  24. gracie4857
    My broody box is simple. Cage with a small wood (homemade)rabbit box with hay and a store bought waterer and bowl for food
  25. Brandnewbie
    I'm new to chickening with 12 new chicks.
    Was on my way to but some wood to make a brooder and saw a clean looking Ikea wood slatted crib out on the curb. No baby or toys inside, so I figured it must be a freebie.
    Brought it home, disinfected it, lined it with mesh, filled it with shavings and birds and I think I got myself one heck of a brooder
  26. rosewood4
    How do I go about adding pictures of out brooder to this section?
  27. becksALpeeps
    Just joined BYC tonight....Last week I bought 2 ducks and 6 chicks at our local Tractor Supply. I am super excited! I built my brooder out of 2- 24" x 24" x 18" packing boxes purchased for $1.56 each. Taped them together at the flaps, cut two holes out of each box and PRESTO! I had a brooder. I then put puppy pads on the bottom of the box and put about 2 inches of pine shavings in there. I figured I could remove the puppy pads that were wet daily and not get my cardboard wet. Posted a pic of my homemade brooder. I can't believe how much they've grown in one week!
  28. chickenhatcher
    I saw a brooder on here that was made out of an old cabinet. The top was screened off. The doors had glass placed in them.
  29. blmack
    My chicks are quickly outgrowing their cardboard box home. I now have a refrigerator box that I will cut to size. I have 12 chicks that are 2 weeks old. How much space will they need for a few more weeks? I tried moving them out to the chicken coop but found that I have not made it snake proof so back in the house we go. Very scary experience earlier today! We live in FL it has been very warm. Anyway, before I start cutting that box, how big does it need to be? They love running around and flapping their wings and jumping up on things. Some can fly a short distance, like18-20 inches. I want them to get the proper exercise and be happy little chicks. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
  30. smokejmp52
    have a 5x5 custom coop with man entry door, has electric inside and window and vent if need be. Planning on putting brooder box in there, what ya think?
  31. MicheleRoe
    I am very new to this whole Chicken thing ;o) . I have a Peking duck. Have had her 3yrs so I'm a little familiar. I just got my 6 pullets today and have them brooding in a large cardboard box indoors. I thought I might use a large plastic tote but was told not to??? Just want to make sure they are warm enough. How close should I have my light. In some of these pics it looks really close. I have my light about 2 1/2 feet above the box. Is that to high or far away from them? I do have an area large enough in the box that the light is no on so they can move if they get to warm. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thx!
  32. robertmount
  33. bufforpingtons
    my hens brooded on the nest outside there run. is that good or bad ?

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