Homemade Chicken Brooder Designs & Pictures

Homemade chick brooders - Designs and pictures
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  1. YaYa27889
    I ordered a pre-owned brooder pen from amazon and was thrilled when it arrived.It is a great size and came with an attached pvc pole for hanging the heat lamp on. Now the chicks are getting bigger and learning to fly so we had to get creative. We took an old window frame and covered it with chicken wire. Two pieces of 2x2 were placed on either end to make sure they could not knock it over.
  2. HappyPeepFarms
    We use a small pool similar to redturtle's brooder.
  3. mymilliefleur
    So many great brooders! I have an out door brooder sort of like @Barred Babies brooder, and love it. I need to submit some photos soon.
  4. JestaCowgirl
    How can I post my brooder pic
  5. Kris64
    I'm with all the others wondering where to post a DIY brooder picture for others to see.
  6. RogerTheChicken
    Where do we post brooder pics
  7. sasha weigt
    My brooder isn't homemade per say but I took and old pet store display case for puppies and added a heat lamp. .. works wonderful and they don't out grow it Before they go outside
  8. yoyoyouya
    i have an idea put it on your avatar
  9. penella22
    Would like to add my brooder to this gallery--not seeing how to do that. Advice? Help?
  10. crikescrikes
    Here's a video of my brooder:

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