Homemade Chicken Egg Incubator Designs & Pictures

Homemade egg incubators - Designs and pictures
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  1. kelcon666
    Is still air or forced air better for pheasant.
  2. sweetsam
    I watched a lot of videos and came up with a basic home made incubator. My hatch rate is 84% or 11/13 so far. I can easily have 19-20 eggs. Up to 24 probably, but the most I have hatched in there is 19. Take a look! I would love your comments. My first blog! http://wp.me/pVikS-g
  3. iridearoadking
    I used a small fridge with a glass door, next will be a full size with the freezer acting as a hatching room. (Higher humidity)
    I bought an "incukit". It was complete heater ,fan,egg turner... great customer service setting it up
  4. 8isenuff
    because the bulbs and tstat are cheaper?
  5. rjoschko
    Just curious, but why does everyone seem to use light bulbs for heating a incubator? And water heater thermostats? I just bough 4 digital temperature controllers @ 14.00 each And I also have 150 watt strip heaters.
  6. 8isenuff
    Heat Sinks: Water or stone? Will stones, bricks, tiles, work as well, better, or worse than water jars?
  7. naightengale
    how can i add my Junk-u-bator??? total cost out of pocket $0. or do i have to wait till eggs hatch out of it??
  8. Kjordanov
    Cool but.. I have no idea how to put the heating (bulbs) in there?!?
  9. skookumchuck
    We just built an incubator this morning have it running to see how it performs. I have a very accurate temperature control unit my Brother in law gave me so it is working great. Right now it is wired to only turn on the fan when the heat bulb is on. Turns off at 100 and back on at 98.5. light is on for 30 to 35 seconds and off for about 45-50 seconds. from room temp to 100 deg was under 12 minutes.
  10. lucyharper123
    i want to add a incubator called the cardbatorbox :)

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