Homemade Chicken Feeder & Waterer Designs & Pictures

Homemade feeders and waterers - Designs etc
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  1. GardenWren
    We were having a lot of problems with the chickens wasting food... A LOT of food. So, we decided to make a no waste gravity feeder. Works great and has cut the feed bill significantly. They can also be made just about any size to accommodate your specific needs. The PVC elbows create "portholes" where the chickens can access the feed without being able to pick through it to only eat what they want, leaving the rest. We also made one out of a 5 gallon bucket and 2" elbows for the brooder coop. Super easy to make and we'll worth the time and effort!
  2. twinsmom6
    dollar store waterers and feeders... get a container.. and a plastic plate... I hang mine from the roof so that they are not pooped on and mice free :)
  3. roglovsky
    Here are my tips on how to make your chicken feeders for your backyard chicken run.

    This first system is called GRAVITY FEEDER:
    This second option I found out accidentally:
  4. Madddawg
    How I made a PVC pipe feeder
    I used a heavy plastic plate, and screwed a block of wood to the bottom of the PVC pipe then screwed that to the plate. Then I drilled 4 - 1/2" holes in the PVC just above the block of wood. I also drilled a couple holes in the top to hang the feeder.The chicks peck at the hole and the food falls onto the plate for them to eat. Very little waste, if any.
  5. MobyMack
    You can find 2-gallon food-grade buckets that are BPA free on Amazon. I just got mine this week and they're the perfect size for a small flock. I made a waterer using nipples, and it couldn't have been easier! Just drilled several holes in the bottom of the bucket with a 1/4-inch drill bit and hand-twisted the nipples into the holes. I attached a chain to the handle and hung it from the roof in my run. Easy solution for clean, safe water for my chickie-poos!
  6. teneyck farms
    i would like to show my feeders
  7. crikescrikes
    here are some videos showing some diy homemade feeders.

  8. tp70731
  9. lilchickenz
    Regarding the plastics - a lot of the plastics that your food comes in and sits in as you go through it is of questionable safety.
  10. dennymeyrand
    I think you have to be "special" to get your stuff posted here. Mine would be great on here also.

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