Homemade incubate

By ChickenKeep01 · Sep 21, 2016 · ·
  1. ChickenKeep01
    Hello im going to show you how to make your own working incubator
    1. Air tight styrofoam box
    2. A sheet of glass
    3. Duct tape
    4. light bulb and holder
    1. Cut a hole in the end of the box. This is where the light bulb will sit
    2. Drill the holder on to the inside of the box and attache the wires
    3. Put the light bulb in and test if it works
    4. With a fork put some more holes on the side for ventilation
    5. Cut a hole in the lid of the box (about 16x10cm)
    6. with the duct tape place down the sheet of glass over the hole so it covers the whole thing
    7. Put A tea towel down on the bottom of the incubator (to stop the eggs rolling)
    8.Put a cup of water in to keep it humid
    And thats it. But keep watch incase the bulb blows
    Sorry i am not able to provide any pictures

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  1. ChickenKeep01
    I can't get any today but tomorrow I will
  2. thomas001111
    Hi sounds great do you have pictures love diy incubators

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