I wanted an incubator but didn't want to spend big bucks on one sooo my wonderful hubby made me one. We are still adjusting it to make everything at the right humidity and temp. on this side you can see our tube for adding water to the humidity pan with cap and you can see the handle for the egg turner.


Here shows the plug my husband made after wiring the light and the hot water thermostat together.


Here Hubby is wiring the DC fan to an DC to AC charger 12v, it comes in handy to have a Nuclear Engineer for a husband

Here after we cut all the PVC 1/2 inch piping we have an egg turner being installed!

Here is a top view of everything running now we need to tweak humidity and the temp range.

Some mutt eggs from our hens as a test batch! Due to hatch July 1st!

Foam Cooler $0 had in garage
Fan $1.99 used computer store
thermostat $7.99
Humidity/temp gage $6.99 Walmart
PVC pipping 5' peice 2.49 with left over of 2 feet
PVC piping elbows 20 cents each X 4
Light bulb adaptor $1.49
Wiring $0 from junk hubby had
DC to AC charger from old dead nintendo $0
Light bulb $0 extra around the house
Spending three hours of alone time with my hubby after the baby is asleep on a chick incubator... Priceless.