(caution this chicken page maybe so bad you will bleed out your eyes viewer discretition is advised) Just kidding

Hi, I am redchicken. I basically got into chickens 8 years ago. The first real breed I raised was red cochins, and since then I have raised mostly red cochins. I just love their cute fluffy legs and their beautiful color, but 4 years ago at a show in Syracuse, NY I was looking at some birds when I saw such a great breed; it was a frizzled polish. Ever since, I had been trying to get some, but I kept having problems with the incubator. Finally, in may of 07, I was trying to hatch some polish out but the turner broke; but lucky me I found out after one day and I hand turned them. About a week before they were supposed to hatch I was turning the eggs and I forgot to put the lid back on. The next morning I was so upset to find out the lid was left off, but then I thought maybe they would hatch but I waited and I waited but they did not hatch. A week later I went down to our basement to get a soda and I heard a peep. I ran over to the incubator and I saw two white polish had hatched out and a golden laced polish had too. Well, that is my story; hope I did not bore you to death.