Hello everyone! Welcome to my page :) And if you didn't know, I LOVE CHICKENS!!
I really love chickens, but no one really understands it... you try to tell someone about your chickens... well, it's like in Harrypotter (the book) when Harry goes over to a elderly woman's house and all she talks about is her cats... (is that really whats it's like??

Well, right now I'm a "new egg" so I don't know really anything (I mean about this site.. don't worry, I know how to raise chickens!

:About My Chickens
(This part is about my chickens, so if you like reading this stuff, read on!

Pretzel: Almost 2 years old, hen Not sure what breed she is (shes white with a little bit of black feathers on her neck??)
Skills: Squaking VERY loudly, opening the baby chicks' cage door, laying eggs, eating, and pooping a lot! (this applies to almost all the chickens

Apache: Almost 2 years old (was in the same batch of chicks as Pretzel) I'm pretty sure she is an Americauna (although, she might be an easter egger hen...)
Skills: Being mean to the younger chickens, laying green eggs, giving her children away (long story, lol!), very good at having "poopy butts" as we call them (she has had the tissue of her vent come out a couple times, but has healed both times)

Fuzzy: Almost 2 years old (In the same batch as Pretzel and Apache), rooster, is a buff colored silkie (not sure if purebred)
Skills: Crowing, making funny noises, being a dad to his 3 children, stealing the hens that belong to our other rooster, El Forte, doing his "man dance" as we call it (the little jig roosters do to impress females), and trying his best to look like hes pecking at the ground even though you can tell he is going to attack you. CANNOT Fly!

Cluck: About 4 months old. One of Fuzzy and Apache/Pretzel's offspring (has something to do with Apache giving her children away, again, long story... I'll explain later) Is a Silkie/Americauna (or easter egger) mix,but it has actual feather in stead of stringy feathers.. We weren't as creative in naming this one, along with it's sibling. Unknown gender (though best guess is a hen) First born out of 3.
Skills: Running (especially away from people) and that's pretty much it...

Cluck-Cluck:(told you it wasn't creative!) About 4 months old. One of Fuzzy and Apache/Pretzel's offspring. Is a Silkie/Americauna (or easter egger) mix. Got the stringy feathers of a silkie, but suprisingly has the ability to fly a little bit! Cluck and Cluck-Cluck are very close, since they were born together... their 3rd sibling is another story (actually, he's next!) unknown gender (though most likely female)
Skills: Running (again, away from people. Cluck and Cluck-Cluck didn't have much human interaction, do to the fact we (people) didn't raise them, their chicken mom did). That's really all!

Hope (a.k.a. Honeybun): About 4 months old. One of Fuzzy and Apache/Pretzel's offspring. Is a silkie/Americauna (easter egger??) mix. Has actual feathers. Rooster (loves to show off his manliness
) Is the 3rd sibling to Cluck and Cluck-Cluck.

Hope is a long story... Her Surrogate mother (Pretzel) was not careful when she was going to sit back down on her nest. She already had 3 chicks (the next day one was killed by who we think was Apache (the biological mother), that why there are not 4 chicks listed) And was doing a great job of putting cracks in the eggs of the unborn chicks. Hope was one of them, and my brother found his egg cracked, but Hope's foot was sticking out and twitching. We didn't know what to do, and we thought ants were getting in his egg, so my brother manually hatched him. Hope was pre-mature, but was fully developed enough to live (as he is alive right now :)) So, me, being the mothering type, raised Hope (that's what I named him, because we didn't know if he was going to make it or not!) (and yes, I know it's kind of feminine for a most likely going to be rooster) but anyway, raising Hope was not easy. The first night he cried and cried, and I was up till midnight trying to get him calmed down enough so that I could sleep! It got so bad I was actually having dreams about it!
After a week of nuturing Hope, I brought him outside for the first time. I still didn't know if he was going to live! I was really starting to stress out about it, so I decided to try to put him back with his mother and see if she would accept him back. Not a chance. When Hope was born, his "umbilical cord" was sticking out, because he was a pre-me I guess it didn't get to blend in with the rest of his body, and so when I tried to put him back in with his mom, she kept pecking at it, and I was afraid she was going to kill him! So I took Hope out and decided to raise him on my own. I would take him out every chance I got, and I would walk around the yard with him following my trail :) Good memories (sorry if I'm boring you, I'm writing this more for my own benefit to hear the story again. But if you want to keep reading, go ahead!)
But then came the time when vacation was coming. We had already planned a trip, and paid for the flight tickets! So i couldn't do anything about it. I cried when I left Hope. He had someone to take care of him, but I would miss seeing him! We had become so attached! But after a couple weeks went by, and we came home, I was shocked at how big Hope had gotten! I was so happy! :D After we got settled back home, I decided to let Hope roam by himself. He wasn't very nice to the other chickens, (I had spoiled him... he was used to being an only child!) But now, Hope is getting along with the chickens. Although he freaks out and runs away if Pretzel or Apache even come near him! And he also freaks out while eating unfimiliar food... (he grabs a piece of the food and jumps back?!)
Hope is doing well right now. He is very pretty, and is showing signs of spurs. He will still come up to me and "talk to me" (thats what it seems like) and even though I may be crazy, I talk to him. I am practically his mother after all! Even my mom has gotten attached to Hope! I am so glad that he survived, and that I was able to raise him (tear
) Hope was my baby!! (wow... that sounds weird! :p) At least it seemed like it.... lol! Well, on to the next chicken!

Smokey: About 6 months old. Black and white Barred Rock hen. She is really "poofy" for her age, and has layed her first egg. One of El Forte's "ladies".
Skills: Being the hen that the roosters fight for. Being oblivious to the roosters. Pooping, eating, etc!

Torchic: (yes, Torchic is a Pokemon! What else should I have named a Rhode Island red Hen? (; ) About 6 months old. One of El Forte's ladies. Rhode Island Red Hen. Has only layed about 2 eggs. Has crazy looking eyes! :O
Skills: Freaking people out with her big eyes, taking dirt baths, eating, etc!

Linx: About 6 months old. Americauna (or easter egger). Is one of El Forte's ladies. She is by herslef a lot.
Skills: Being mean to the younger chickens (I think it's an Americauna/easter egger thing!) being pretty, etc :)

El Forte: About 6 months old. Polish Rooster (hilarious! has a white "afro" as we call them, and a black body) Doesn't like to get in the way of our older rooster, Fuzzy. Always has his tail feathers leaning to one side...
Skills: Making people ask "what is THAT!", Making people laugh when they realize he's a chicken, Crowing, Protecting his hens.

Sugar and Spice: 2 polish chicks. Only a couple weeks old. Spice is a Gold laced Polish, and Sugar is a Silver laced Polish. They are oh-so-cute together! <3 But Sugar might be sick. Her whole right side (excluding her wing) is "squishy" possibly her crop... She doesn't seem to be bother when I touch it... I don't know, but hopefully when I ask this question on the forum someone will have an answer that doesn't have the words "might die" in it :(

Those are all my chickens. If you read all of this, well, give yourself a pat on the back, because I probably wouldv'e given up on reading something like this! I only have 4 deceased chickens: Cocoa- a Rhose Island Red Hen, Easter- a black and white Barred Rock Hen, Shadow- a Silver lined Polish Hen, and Smudge- a Gold lined Polish Hen (both polish hens were very sadly hit by hawks... they couldn't see it coming )': )

Thank you for reading this! Its means a lot to me! So now you know my chickens, which means you know me, because I LOOOVE Chickens! So long, and maybe if you see me in the forum you can tell me what you thought of my Chicken stories! (; Bye!