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Hongkongfuys Member Page

By HongKongFuy · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. HongKongFuy
    Grown up this was my favorite cartoon...
    Who is this super hero? sarge? NO!
    Rosemary the telephone operator? No way man!
    Henry the mild mannered janitor? COULD BE!

    Hong kong phooey, number one super guy.
    Hong kong phooey, quicker than the human eye.
    Oh, hes got style, a groovy smile, a bite that just won't stop.
    When the going gets rough, hes super tough
    With the hong kong phooey chop.
    Hong kong phooey, number one super guy,
    Hong kong phooey, oh he's quicker than the human eye.
    hom chicky bomb chicky dong
    diddly dong diddly dong dong bow wow wow
    (pick it up pick it up pick it up) Repeat

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