This is my newest coop build. It will have a "hoop coop" design for the run and my DH is still trying to decide how he wants to build the coop.
The run is 8x16 and over 5.5 ft tall so that we can walk in the run with plenty of head room. This run cost us about $250.00 to build.
Supply list:
4 cattle panels, 4ft wide x 16ft long, $20ea at Tractor Supply
2- 4x4x16ft boards for the sides, $17ea at Home Depot
2- 4x4x8ft boards for the ends, $6ea at Home Depot
4- 1/2 x 10in lag bolts with washers to connect boards $2 ea at Home Depot
U-shaped nails, used for attaching fences to fence posts
Roll of chicken wire
First step was to lay out the boards where we wanted the coop to be. Then DH drilled holes in the boards and placed the lag bolts to hold them together.
Then we put the cattle panels inside the boards and held them in place while the DH nailed them to the boards.
All four panels were put in then he attached them further to each other with metal wire. He measured and cut the end piece panels.
He attached the end piece by nailing the bottom to the boards and by using the panel and twisting it to the other panels and then using the wire and twisting it to attach the sides to the end.
Before we attached the end piece the sides seemed really flemsy and we thought we would need extra support, but once we attached the end pieces it provided enough support so that we didn't need any extra support.
After that we attached the chicken wire. We left an apron of chicken wire to help deter digging predators.
96023_imgp9853.jpg 96023_imgp9854.jpg
96023_imgp9856.jpg 96023_imgp9857.jpg