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Hope, Sprinkles and Bambi my little surviours- And their duckling friends who tagged along

By mustangrooster · Oct 10, 2016 · Updated Oct 12, 2016 · ·
  1. mustangrooster
    Out of all the chicks that have hatched out on the farm Hope, Sprinkles and Bambi have to be by far my favourites. Maybes its because they wouldn't be with me today if they didn't have help to get out of the egg, or maybe its because they were weak at hatch and I would constantly be there to make sure they were ok. Either way they are little bundles of joy to me and always make me smile. I really do love them!

    On the 1/09/16 my first chick hatched; a pure white chick and she took the name of "Hope" . She happened to be shrink wrapped after her first pip, So I started to help her before she got to weak to survive. Luckily I did, or I don't think she would of made it.

    A few hours after Hope had hatched I heard peeping from another egg, it took longer for this one to hatch, but she was very persistent and kept chirping and chirping until she got too weak to chirp and there was no pip-that's when I helped her out.

    Luckily I helped otherwise I don't think I would have my dear sprinkles with me today!, Sprinkles seemed to be the weakest of them all. It took much longer for her to walk and a while to have the strength to keep her eyes open. She hatched out with a sprinkle of orange on her head thus her name.

    (Sorry for the bad picture quality)

    Here are Sprinkles and Hope all fluffed on the day they hatched- but they were unable to walk and stand without help for a while. And unable to keep their eyes open until the next day.

    I Believe that this was the cause of my very slack incubator. Never ever will I incubate with a Janoel 12 again. There were constant humidity and temp drops or rises of the humidity thus the reason I think Hope got Shrink wrapped and sprinkles was weak.

    Early the next morning I heard another peep from the incubator and was instantly happy that another chick was on its way. It made a pip and I put a 'safe hole' so that it was able to make its way out. By the end of day 20 she had not emerged completely and was starting to weaken. So as soon as I saw that she had absorbed all her yolk and blood vessels etc. I helped her out.

    Lucky little darling, she ended up being a major smoocher in her first weeks. She had a big little spot on her back and took the name of "Bambi".

    These guys were survivors I must say that. They did extremely well in that incubator... The two other eggs that were in there did not make it and by the end of day that Bambi hatched, after it was clear that they were dead I did egg-topsy and found 2 beautiful smooth black chicks fully formed and ready to hatch. But they just gave up.


    Very soon everyone was up and walking and peeping like very normal chicks..

    Group Photo!


    Look at those cute faces




    And sweet little Bambi doing a very good pose!

    Cleary I found that there was something special about these gals'. Even if they were your ordinary chook.

    I would spend all my time with them, Making up special herb and garlic water to strengthen their Immune system, I would also take them out on little adventures at a young age. And soon enough I found out their funny personality's.

    Hope: Was a very outgoing little girl and was the leader of her sisters. She was the first to try something new or do something silly. And were ever I went Hope was sure to follow!

    Sprinkles: Was a bit of a scaredy cat, she was the last to try something new and enjoyed sitting down to have a good snooz. Lets just say she was laid back. She would not go anywhere without her sisters and never wanted to be left out! She also loved riding on my shoulder.

    Bambi: She was a snuggler, she wanted to sleep under my chin all the time or walk over my face with her little feet. She wanted to be the centre of attention all day long and usually always followed after her older sister Hope. She always wanted to mimic her and be the best one out there! Oh and don't forget, she loved pecking my eyeballs! If I moved my head away from her beak she would chase after my eye! And it hurt when she pecked my eyeball!


    About 1 week after my little chicks hatched
    3 little 1 week old ducklings joined the little chicks. I must say the brooder was full of cuteness!! I could literally sit there for hours watching them.

    Sadly I didn’t get any pics of the babys at 1 week old. But Drac, Blossom, and Bow-tie were their names. Soon enough the group of young birds was out and about visiting the big flock. And to my pleasure everyone accepted the little chicks and ducklings. Soon enough when the little chicks were fully feathered and the ducklings were to big for the brooder everyone moved out to the big flock!


    Time has flown I must say so and Hope and Sprinkles are 31 days old and Bambi is 30 days old as of today! (10/10/16). And the ducklings are much older and bigger than before! (Honestly I've lost track of how old the ducklings are)

    Meet Hope at 31 days old! She still follows me around when she's in the mood and just loves being talked too.


    Hello Bambi! No, we haven't forgotten you. Don't worry.... (I can identify her from Hope because she has thick yellow legs and Hope has thin pale legs)

    Meet Dear Sprinkles, She has to be a mommy’s girl that’s for sure. In about week 3 of life she got trampled on by her duck friends and twisted a leg. (She was the runt therefor the smallest and venerable to being stepped on) I tried helping over the days by splinting etc but it hasn’t worked and now that shes older her bones have set as they are so she has a twisted leg and crooked toes. At least shes happy! She runs around without a care in the world and acts completely normal.



    Sprinkles twisted leg

    Hope- Looking gorgeous


    Bambi-Looking very concerned there!



    Hope-enjoying a feather that she found!

    Sprinkles- having a dust bath

    Bambi looking rather cute! (Ok maybe its only cute to me..)

    Bambi-looking inquisitive

    Bambi and Sprinkles enjoying some time together!

    The little darlings look all grown up, but they’re not even half the size of the bigger birds! Im glad that these three have turned out to be healthy young birds.
    Now time to show the chicks best friends: Drac, Blossom and Bow-tie

    Hello Bowtie!

    Darling Blossom- looking very cute indeed

    Drac, what on earth are you doing in there?? You have a pool Mister, you know that!

    Blossom and Bow-tie

    Webz shot!

    Back view of Dracs beautiful hint of green adult feathers coming in

    Hello again bow-tie!


    Blossoms gorgeous chest feathers coming through

    Hello again Blossom! You seem to like the camera, right?

    Drac is very camera shy..and Bow-tie wasn't in the mood for staying still in this pic.


    That's all for now guys, I will keep you updated as they progress through to Adult hood. The ducklings are molting into their adult feathers and are looking very stunning!

    I really think Hope, Sprinkles and Bambi were little survivors. Because I didn't think they were going to make it in the incubator I was using. They were little fighters indeed!

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  1. mustangrooster
    Thankyou! I whish there was a way to move this article to the “my chickens” centre, it was an accident posting it in the “Member Pages”…
  2. CuzChickens
    I can see the pics, and I think it is a heartwarming story.
  3. mustangrooster
    There, I think you guys should be able to see the pics now :) And thankyou @Cluckcluck1215
  4. Cluckcluck1215
    Lovely article!No, I can't see the pics
  5. mustangrooster
    Oh No-Can you guys see the pictures? Its now deciding not to show up over here and I took forever to get all those pictures up!

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