Hi Everyone!
I live in western Kentucky with my 19 chickens, 1 pheasant, 1 dog, 1 1/2 horses (a TW and a mini) and 9 cats. I spend most of my time caring for my furry and feathered brood and love it. Two of my roosters and miniature horse do Pet Therapy at the schools and nursing home in our spare time. My chickens include 3 barred rock hens (1 with a nerve injury to one leg as a chick) and 1 BR roo with crossbeak and one eye, 1 polish roo with a lame foot, 1 california white hen with a hernia, 1 frizzle bantam roo with thyroid problems, 4 senior cochin bantams (3 hens and 1 roo), 2 Red Sex link hens, a turken hen, a buff orphington hen, an EE roo with crookneck and a silkie roo, a SLW hen, a bantam with tendon/nerve injuries to one leg (who lives in the house) and 1 cornish who, of course have their own issues. And, Peepers, an indoor pheasant with special needs. All of my chickens have been rescues from the farmstore, some recovered from various injuries and some with lingering issues. All very loved.

Below are pictures of some of mine as babies and what they turned out to be.