Horsekeeper's Duck Hut

By horsekeeper · Apr 11, 2015 · ·
  1. horsekeeper

    This little duck house was built on a pallet with scraps from other projects. Don't be afraid to try it! I taught myself how to use power tools and build things when I retired and did this by myself.

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  1. horsekeeper
    It is about 30x48 and a dozen ducks spent a very harsh winter in it. The were let out every morning even it it was 20 below and had a good layer of hay inside and out to keep their feet warm. The pine tree gave them some protection, too. A little crowded, but they all pile into a heap to sleep anyway.
  2. chickmama1662
    What are the dimensions, how many ducks do you have?
  3. Amiga
    I confess I am not sure the carabiner will thwart them, but I am very very cautious about those raccoons. I use a keyed lock on our hasps.
  4. horsekeeper
    A complete picture sequence is posted in the forum section under the coop contest thread.
  5. horsekeeper
    One night I heard this awful screaming outside and went out with a flashlight to find two raccoons fighting next to the coops, so yes. The pop door has one of those hasps that folds over itself and I put a carabiner through the loop. The side door has a small stall latch like you would put on a horse stall door. It has a loop that holds the sliding bar in place and I use a carabiner to lock it closed. The carabiner is spring loaded and easy for a human hand, but takes a larger grasp that raccoons would have a problem with. I have that kind of lock on every coop.
  6. Amiga
    Nice, nice, nice!

    I cannot quite see how you fasten the doors to keep the raccoons out. Are there raccoons in your area?

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