horsewishr's place
I'm Michelle, from Holland, Michigan. I live about 3 miles from the
beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline.
We got our first four chicks in April '07, and then turned an old playhouse
into a coop. My husband and I also have two sons ('93 and '95 models!),
two dogs, a cat, a "big" horse, and a miniature horse. I'm looking forward
to a few more hens over the years--but I don't want to go too crazy!


The red barn hanging in the window frame is the
nest box. The barn door opens, so we can gather
eggs without setting foot in the coop. The garden
will (hopefully) be fenced soon, so the girls can
play in the dirt during the off-season.


Nest boxes have hinged doors, so we can keep the
chickens from sleeping/pooping in the nests.


Roxie, Rue (not a roo!), Tequila, and Clucky.


Lady and Jay on a foggy spring morning.