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  1. Chickalish
    We started with a playhouse by moving the side panel under a window up to provide the chicken door and ventelation (which I covered with the same 1/2" hardware cloth you see in the door wondows.
    This is our finished 4X5 coop in our 6.5X10.5 run.
    The window on the other side has been harware cloth enclosed as well. The shutters close for night time protection and I slide a piece of plexiglass into the front door window on sooden runners for wind and preditor protection as well since their roost bar is at window level above a PDZ covered poop board
    PDZ poop board with 3" lip seen on the right. The bottom is covered with lenolium and the wall have been white washed for antibacterial effect.

    The roost over the 20" poop board and my 3 beauty queens

    The dirt/straw floor side of the run behind the coop and part of the sand area of the run.

    under the coop and beyond a bit we placed 2 sod strips which the girls LOVE.
    Ithought I'd need to replace them monthly but I water the small strip nightly when the girls go to roost and it's been growing to keep up with all of their snacking extremely well.

    The other side of the run you can see the rock wall I build and mortared because the ground went a bit downhill and I needed to fill in the area under the wood that was up in the air and it actually looks great and adds stregth to the defense. I could have built it a bit further over to be on solid ground but wanted to include the pepper tree stump at the bottom of their stairs for interest in the can see the back of the coop has a nesting box attached that is closed at the moment as my girls are only 13 weeks and I'm training them to roost and do not want them trying to roost in the boxes. the back of this playhouse already had a window with a counter that included 2 bins for restaurant play. The only this I had to do was enclose it.
    The whole run is enclosed with 1/2" hardware cloth including 12" underground and 2 ft skirt that I will cover with rocks and plants. I am also going to reinforce with 1x2 wire. the top is covered with hardware cloth and corrigated white roofing.

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