Houdan Info:

Well, one of the questions I have lately been getting is is the Houdan the same as the Polish? No...the Houdan is a different breed completely. Please read on as I explain the differences...

The Houdan is a French dual purpose breed, developed in the 1700's in the town of Houdan, near Paris. The Houdan lays a nice medium sized white egg, which you will get once in a few days...The Houdan is usually mottled in colour, but can come in white, and also blue and lavender in Europe. The Houdan has pink legs, with mottling, a fifth toe and a nice puffy crest, similar to a polish (one of the reasons the two are confused...)
The Houdan has a very docile and sweet nature. The rooster is more flighty (as all roosters are...) but the hens are total sweethearts. The origin of the Houdan is a mystery, many believe the Houdan was created with the Dorking and the Crevecouer, but I believe not. I think that the Houdan was created with the Mantes (a french breed, went extinct then re-created) and the Crevecoeur.
There are two different combs for the Houdans, the V Comb (in US, Canada) and the Leaf or Butterfly comb (Australia, France, NZ, Uk) which causes some confusion.

Now compare the Houdan (on the left) and the Polish on the right and what do you think...



Thanks for reading! Hope you now know the different between the Houdan and the Polish! ^^