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Housing And Feeding Your Chickens


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  1. mcarls22
    I just brought my production reds home Friday. I have tried to give them cucumbers, pizza crust , corn on the cob cooked and they will not eat it . They would rather eat there H&H pellets. They are also in a chicken tractor so they have access to the grass . I thought they liked snacks? They do like the hard corn and meal worms in a bag party mix . They just don't seem to have a real good appetite . They look very healthy and not stressed
  2. cutiepie960
    (continuation) the coop only b/c they are wild have been free ranging all this time & i would hate to take them out of their environment being free digging the dirt looking & foraging on bugs/worms & dirt bathing that would be cruel on my part although if i could afford a coop i would only be using at night for roosting. I would appreciate any help/input regarding this situation. Thanks everyone & i hope to hear any good news soon!.

    Me & the birds
  3. cutiepie960
    Hi There,
    My name is Lila Ann & i am fairly new to caring for a ROOSTER & A HEN named henrietta & henry, Let me tell u on how i acquired these 2 first of all i did not go out & get them to raised actually they adopted me! U see the girl hen adopted us as she was a throwaway i assume & ended up at our house there were many a times where we would shooooo her away only to see her back at our house! At first i wasn't really paying much attention to her but after watching & observing her cute personality i couldn't help but now loving her & caring for her to the best of my ability.. After having her for a few years now with her clucking along came a rooster that have adopted us as well i said to myself what is going on here! We have since named him henry & now i have come to love them so very much b/c they get along so well. Everytime i feed them he stands next to her & waits until she's done eating then he'll eat when they are digging in the dirt he makes this sound like he's saying hey there honey theres food here & he will let her eat! So cute they are always together never apart from one another they even roost up in the tree. Now having said all of this i am having a hard time & not knowing what to do b/c u see both of them love love love to roost high up a in the tree at night actually the tree is not planted in our yard its a neighbor of ours but 2/3rd's of the tree leans in our yard & these 2 have made it their home every night they roost together but heres the problem henry the boy rooster tree branch is kinda weak & not very steady in fact its about to give way but he still manages to still hang on & roost next to henrietta there are times when he fell b/c that particular tree limb is very weak & the only reason he roosts there is b/c henrietta is there.. I was thinking of buying a chicken coop with a perch so they can roost together but heres another problem they are wild birds meaning i can't even go near them b/c they are NOT TAMED AT ALL!!! I can't even go near them b/c they ALWAYS runs away. They are free ranged birds & pretty much independent on their own. However i always make sure they get plenty of food & fresh water. But heres the MAIN QUESTION regarding the weak tree limb henry perches on to roost with henrietta i know he's uncomfortable b/c that tree limb is not sturdy. I was thinking of replacing that tree limb with a wooden dowel & connecting & hunkering it down with rope to other tree limbs but i'm not sure if i do that he will know somethings wrong & he & henrietta will go elsewhere to roost i can't let that happen b/c all of our neighbors have dogs & henry was really lucky to escape death last month b/c he heard another rooster crowing & went into my neighbors yard when he got attacked! That is y i can't let them roost anywhere else where they will put themselves in harms way. I am in near tears writing this b/c i can't afford a chicken coop it is so expensive but on top of that i highly doubt that they will even go into...
  4. Dee Dee 2
    I have a question please, How old should chickens be before they start to roost ? I have 6 J.G., 3 R.I.R., 3 buffs in the same pen. Two nice long roost, set low for the J.G.. (2x4's flat side) The chickens were all hatched about the end of APRIL. Only one R.I.R. seems intrested in roosting. The rest bunch up in the corner every night. I tried putting them on the roost but that was comedy hour. 2 up 1 jumps down. 1 up 2 jump down. These J.G. are almost the size of my full grown girls. (They are in another pen.) Should I send these chickens to roosting school or what ? Help ! Thanks !
  5. Nutcase
    Thanks to everyone who wrote the articles! Very helpful
  6. 123jenny123
    what said is graigs coops or whats its name all about, what site is that
  7. fuquay nc girl
    Question: Do chickens know when to come in from the cold? We have an enclosed run with a perch on which they sleep even when it's been 33 degrees outside. The run is attached to the coop which also has a perch, but they don't sleep there. I took down the outside perch trying to encourage them to go inside, but they slept in the door opening at the top of the stairs. Not sure if I'm being over protective or not? We live in Central North Carolina where the winters can be pretty mild.
  8. lovemychicks22
    whats the cheapest bedding 4 chickens besides pine or wood shavings?
  9. lucilu
    H Has this happened to any one my marans have been laying dark brown eggs, today I found a solid white egg in the nest!
  10. Herb in PA
    While building my coop (I'll try posting pictures shortly) I nailed a 2x4 to the wall to act as scaffolding while building the roof. My 6 hens roosted on this at night, despite the little room they had. I removed the 2x4 the other day to install the nesting boxes, and added a few 2x4s across the coop for them to sit on at night. When checking on them last night, 4 of the hens were up in the rafters and the other 2 were on the top of the door. How do I get the girls out of the attic and down to the perch? I have not clipped their wings so they can escape the fox that roams the area.

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