How Old Before I Switch Food

By jstamesngr · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jstamesngr
    So here is my second post. Question - how old do the chickens have to be before switching from "baby food" to grown up feed? I have 2 mystery hens I got on Mother's Day from the "colored" bin at Tractor Supply. I can't find pics of them anywhere on the web so I'll "wing it" and see how they turn out. Minerva has a bit of gold coming on her chest but they are mostly cream & light black feathers w/ tufts on the sides of their faces (see pic of Minee)......... they free range if they want to w/ food set out if they want it (they always do). I have an over abundance of grasshoppers and it's been fun watching them "dance" to catch them! I'm enjoying my chickens and if I ever meet your standards I might be able to post a pic of the coop I built out of pallets...... seems to be alot of regulations on this site tho'

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