How To Care For Baby Chick Dietary Issues

By iLoveRoosters · Feb 18, 2012 ·
  1. iLoveRoosters
    Chick Dietary Issues

    Baby chicken's digestive systems are extremely sensitive, that's why knowing how to correct common digestive issues is essential
    to know, so you can get the healthiest chicks possible.

    -Checking your Chick's poop- [​IMG]
    As strange as this may sound, checking their waste is key to learning exactly how their feeling.

    1. Pasty Butt

    What it means: This is when the chicks poop gets stuck to their rear end, causing constipation and blockage.

    What causes it: Too much heat, and not enough liquids.

    What to do: Remember to always have their waterer filled up. Move the heat lamp slightly away, so there is less heat exposure. If that doesn't help, try feed them plain, unflavored yogurt.

    How to remove the stuck poop:
    A) Take a cloth/paper towel and soak it in warm water
    B) Squeeze all the water out, so that it is lightly damp.
    C) Hold the cloth over the chick's bottom, let the dampness soak into the poop to soften it.
    D) Gently remove the poop by cleaning it with the cloth.

    2. Watery Poop

    What it means: This is when the chickens waste looks watery, or runny.

    What causes it: Usually means the chicks are stressed, cold, and/or not feeling well.

    What to do: Avoid holding them for a while so that they can feel more relaxed. Add some dried, uncooked oatmeal to their feed, this thickens their poo. Try to get the heat lamp a little closer to them to make them warmer.


    1. Change and clean their water at least once a day.
    2. Try to not fill their feed container all the way, that way, the feed doesn't get moldy or dirty easily. But remember to put more feed once it runs out.
    3. Change the wood shreds/stuffing at least once a week. (I cleaned it every day, but thats just my preference)
    4. Check their poop regularly.
    5. Avoid using tap water that contains harsh chemicals; instead, try using filtered/spring water.
    6. Use a healthy chick feed, one that doesn't contain too many chemicals. (I prefere organic feed)
    7. Dont fill the box with straw/hay. The chicks can eat it and it causes blockage and other serious issues.
    Enjoy your beautiful, baby chicks!

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