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    If you have decided that you would like to try your hand at hatching and raising chickens, then there are some things to know to allow you to choose the best eggs for hatching, as well as the best chickens.
    Since you cannot find eggs that are fertile in your local grocery store, you need to seek out either a poultry farm or chicken hatchery. Make sure that you get all of the eggs you require from the same place, so that disease doesn't spread between eggs and chicks.
    If you get to choose the chicken you receive your eggs from, be sure that the breeding chickens are full grown, healthy, and mature. Ask if they a good success rate with hatchlings, and be sure they are being fed the right diet for breeders.
    Before you can hatch your eggs, you need to have the proper chicken egg incubator that remains at a constant ideal temperature for the eggs so that they can hatch properly. If you do not wish to turn the eggs by hand, you can also purchase an egg turner to go along with your incubator. This will turn the eggs the right amount without you having to worry about it every day.
    When trying to determine which eggs will make the greatest for hatching, you need to look at the shape and size of the eggs. Stay away from eggs that are too big, as they often do not hatch, and if you have small eggs, you will have chickens that are small. Keep in mind that eggs that have an odd shape often do not hatch successfully. Be sure that the shell of the egg isn't too thin or cracked, as this can mean that the desired moisture will not be reached during incubation. Cracked shells can mean that the chance for disease getting into the eggs and embryo are increased.
    Before you attempt to hatch your eggs via the chicken egg incubator, you need to make sure that it will be able to stay at the right temperature where you have it in your home. Instructions can be found in and on the box that your incubator came in. follow the directions carefully to learn how to hatch your chicks. Make sure that the incubator is placed in an area that is free from drafts.
    Some of the most popular chicken breeds for hatching fertile chicken eggs are: Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymouth Rocks, and breeds known as the Golden Comet. This will be dependent on where you live, and what chickens are available to you.
    It generally takes 21 days for fertile chicken eggs to hatch inside your chicken egg incubator. The temperature must be right before you place the eggs inside. The humidity needs to be between 58% and 60% during the initial 17 days, and then increased to 65% for the remaining time. This is the way the moisture remains inside the eggs.
    Once the chicks have fluffed out, they can then be transported to a brooder until they get feathers, and make sure that they get the right amount of ventilation during this time.
    Hatching and raising baby chicks can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience, as long as you follow a few guidelines, and remember to always have fun. Call today to order your fertile chicken eggs 888-595-5306

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