How to clip a chickens wings step by step.

By KaylorFarms · May 30, 2017 · ·
  1. KaylorFarms
    Are your chickens always flying the pen? Here are some tips to clipping your chickens wings!
    Step 1: Catch a Chicken. ...
    • Step 2: Invert and Calm the Chicken. ...
    • Step 3: Expose the Wing. ...
    • Step 4: Cut Back the Primary Flight Feathers. ...
    • Step 5: Release the Chicken.
    • You will need to clip your chickens wings if you have predators and don't want them to get eaten. Or if you have neighbors and they get in their yards. But if you have free range chickens, you don't have to worry about clipping their wings!
    upload_2017-5-30_16-22-35.png upload_2017-5-30_16-25-9.png

    You can clip both wings, or just one. It won't make a difference.
    The second pic is after the wing has been clipped.

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  1. KaylorFarms
    I will! Thanks!!
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  2. Whittni
    You should also add reasons to or not to clip their wings
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  3. getaclue
    The pictures are very good, so you can see what it's to look like.

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