How to do your own Necropsy

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    When keeping chickens many owners will experience unknown deaths in the flock.Most people will be worried,wondering if its contagious?Will it happen again?With no clue what happened people send there chickens to a necropsy lab,While a necropsy lab might have better equipment and experience,Who wants to pay 500 bucks for a animal that cost 2.Doing necrospy at home are not uncommon but you have to know what your doing and know whats normal and abnormal.Thats whats this is for!!!

    Lets get started,Knowing the parts of the chickens are vital to a necrospy.
    Organs that important
    -Dudenal loop(Located on the outside of the pancreas)
    -Small intestine
    -Bursa of fabricus

    The bird should be examined externally.There are more important organs to research.
    Look up the following organs and memorize what they look like so you know what your looking at.

    Alright so you have the bird and you know the organs its time to get started.Always have various necropsy tools for the chicken.First check the chicken externally Ears,Nars,Feet,Hocks
    Skin,Eyes,Beak,Wattles,Comb and the choanal slit this is very important to access it is located in the mouth on the top(Pic below)

    Normal pic.

    Now that we have checked the chicken externally its time to cut open.Lay the chicken on its back with wings and legs sticking outwards supporting the body.There are many ways to cut open the chicken but this way is the easiest way and fastest .Make a small cut(Scissors) under the sternum(Breatbone)You can now pull the sternum back as far as you can once you do that many organs will be visible Liver,Gizzard.One of the most important parts of the chickens is the digestive tract so we will now begin to remove it by cutting the (Proventriculus)You can now slowly remove the digestive tract with ease.The gizzard should be opened to see if the bird was anorexic.The Duodenal loop should be cut open to see if there is any white lesions indicating Cocci.The crop should also be checked for Sour crop or other toxins such as lead,Staples,Bottle caps.Its always good to separate organs to get a better view.All organs should be checked ad compared to normal organs.The bursa of frabicus should be checked fro any redness or inflammation(Right below the sternum).Air sacs should be checked.


    This chart is very useful for diagnosing diseases

    Now that we have checked the internal organs and digestive tract its time to move to the respiratory system.
    To open the neck we will start by cutting the corner of the mouth go down and follow the neck.The trachea will be visible and should be cut open to check for round worms and mucous which would indicate a respiratory disease.


    If i didn't explain how to do this good enough check the following links.

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