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  1. dianegaz
    Hi, we are Mae and Bea, two beautiful Americaunas. This is how we eat strawberries:
    When the human brings out a plate of strawberries, stay calm. Eye them suspiciously, and if the human keeps offering them to you, peck cautiously in the air above them. Then go to the human and beg for scratch, walking through the plate of strawberries, spilling as many into the dirt as possible. If no scratch is forthcoming, peck the human's toes to see if they taste good (they don't). The human will give up and sprinkle scratch on top of the berries. Peck at them carefully until you realize the berries are delicious. Then gobble them down, fighting over the biggest morsels.

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  1. ChemicalchiCkns
    pick it up and RUN AWAYYYY

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