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How to give a chicken a bath

By sassysarah123 · Jul 13, 2017 · Updated Jul 13, 2017 · ·
  1. sassysarah123
    Hi everybody!
    Today I gave my brahma chickie a bath!
    Here are some pics that @alexa009 took.
    First I filled up a tub of water, then I put a little shampoo and conditioner in the tub.
    Then I caught Amy, she is my brahma I am bathing.

    So I started out by dipping in her feet, then I slowly put the rest of her body in.

    BTW, she did get away once! lol!
    If you do this please make sure you do not get any water or soap near your hens face!

    Here I am scrubbing her up, I used some shampoo and a little conditioner.

    Here is a pic from before when she got away! lol!

    DSC09717.JPG DSC09720.JPG

    Then I just kept scrubbing and throwing water on her until she was soaked!
    Here is when I took her out. She was a little more went than she looks in the pic!
    Here are her legs/feet.

    Here is where I wrapped her up in her blanket

    I gave her a new hair style! She sure liked that! LOL!

    Here she is when me and @alexa009 brought her in the garage!


    She kept trying to snuggle up in us! CUTE!

    Since she was such a good girl I gave her a treat!

    RUNNING FREE! I let her outside to dry off in the sun!

    Nice and dry! She is shaking out her feathers!

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  1. biophiliac
    Really fun article. Love your photos.:D
    [i'll look for the other parts;D]
      sassysarah123 and The Angry Hen like this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Thank you very much!!
  2. The Angry Hen
    She is so cute! Thank you for sharing Sarah, I love giving my Buff Brahma's baths. (I get more wet than them though!) She is such a pretty hen! I think she liked it by the looks of the last photo!
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    2. sassysarah123
      Oh, thank you for rating stars!
      The Angry Hen likes this.
    3. The Angry Hen
      You are very welcome, Sarah!!
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    4. sassysarah123

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