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    Most people raise big flocks of poultry mostly chickens. When you order birds you get 25 at a time and can’t tame them all. So in this article you will find tips and my expirence in taming chickens.

    Finding and picking the one to tame

    So first you need a bird to tame. I found the most at a time to do is 4 or 5. I normally prefer 2 or 3.
    Trying to tame birds form hatcheries doesn’t work well because you have to order a large quantity and most hatcheries ship in the winter and you should keep them in large groups for body heat.
    Most local feed stores get baby chicks around Easter and go on sale a week later, if you choose a feed store buy around 6 chicks in case you lose 1 or 2 and then you won’t have a lone chick. You can also order birds from places like You could also hatch eggs but then you need a large amount in case their not all fertile. It is harder but you can also have a Brody hen hatch chickens but then you should wait till they are older to tame. Whatever option you choose works but some are harder than others.

    Housing your pets

    The best coop option is probably a small chicken tractor away from the rest of your flock in case they get out most likely they will be picked on. Or if you go under the BYC article section you can find small coop design. Your birds will need about 3 feet and a large run.

    Turn your chicken into a pet

    The first thing you need is time and patience. You need to constantly handle your birds. Give them treats as rewards and make sure you are consistent. Chicks are the easy ones to tame because you can start when they are young but training a adult or older bird is possible. Always have a least 3 birds together in their pen and it is best if they have been together since they were younger because they should get along better. As your birds have been worked with for a long time you can let them free range at day and pen up a night. You can also pick one bird to tame and keep them with couple others and only tame that one. After a long time of training and your birds will follow you around you can start introducing them with your other flock.

    Ellie trout

    If you have questions check out other threads and good look.

    My experiences

    I have got a 4 day old chicks from my feed store and put them in a chicken tractor. I did this in the summer. I got them on sale at my feed store. I work with them morning and night soon as they were out of the brooder. Within a month they loved me and got treats daily. I started letting them out during the day and now they are with my flock they still run up to me and I can play with them.

    I am currently training a rooster that was hatched by a hen he is a golden sebright bantam and a black austroulp cross. He has scissors beak. He is with 3 other chicks he was hatched with. I took him 2 months after he was hatched he likes going on walks and being pet.

    This a ceaser

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    Good luck and have fun.

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    Hi my name is Ellie Trout. I am a small town farmer from northern minnesota. I raise beef cattle and many types of chickens for as long as I remember. I also show cattle and poultry.
    Thank you for reading my article I hope you liked it!
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    A great article on how to tame your chickens! Deserves 5 stars!

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  1. ejtrout31
    RIP ceaser got ate bye my dog
  2. alexa009
    There are only a few mistakes in this article that could be corrected.
    1: Trying to tame chicks from a hatchery does work well. I ordered six chicks from a hatchery and four out of six are lap birds. As long as they are socialized, they will be friendly.

    2: Most hatcheries don't ship in winter.

    3: Most hatcheries don't require you to order in large quantities. Most hatcheries only a require a minimum of 3 birds, i.e. "Chickens For Backyards" , "Cackle Hatchery" and "Estes Hatchery" who only requires a minimum of one. "Mypetchicken" isn't the only hatchery.:)

    Otherwise, the article is perfect! :thumbsup
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    1. ejtrout31
      1. It depends how many u order though because i normaly get 25 at a time you could seperate them and follow my method to get tame birds.

      2. Cackle Hatchery ships February through August

      3. There is extra fee for smaller quantities and more likely to lose a bird.

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